We develop resources and experiences based on the humanities, arts, and science to enable people to know, understand, and value themselves and each other at work.

Background Picture:
Dance (II), Henri Matisse, 1909

Our Philosophy

We believe that it is time to rewrite the rules of work to focus on balance and inclusion. Altogether, and for all —as individuals, colleagues, managers, and leaders in the private and public sector and as community members.

We build on an Inside Out approach, starting with the self, the most complicated person to understand and manage, to then go to the team in the broader context of an organization in a community, ultimately championing      Human Sustainability for all and by all. We accept that we are all affected by outside forces, many of the out of our control.


Cadillac Ranch was started in the 1970s by art-hippies who wanted to attract attention to the city of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle. They buried 10 Cadillacs nose down in the middle of the desert is now a place of joint creation and perpetual reinvention. Shortly after we spray-painted our logo on one of the front car, someone integrated it into their own painting.

Old cars create new life and connections. We want to do the same with today’s workplace rules. Individual acts and attitudes create the world we inhabit.

To change it, we need to get off the sidelines and take responsibility, participate and create and care together. We do that to inspire.

What We Do With You

We provide you with resources and programs to build resilience, empathy, and well-being at work.

Who are We?

Unmasking Bahia


Social Entrepreneur

Bahia founded Human Sustainability Inside Out to break with mental health stigmas and to support well-being at work. Prior to this, Bahia created CoCaSha (Connect, Care & Share), a start-up empowering minority food entrepreneurs and small businesses owners with digital skills.

Originally from Morocco, she moved to Boston to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School, where she graduated with Honors. She then joined MIT Open Learning to found TRUE Africa University, an online university aiming to empower African talent to accelerate the continent’s development.

Prior to her MBA, Bahia worked at Google, where she focused on enabling technologies preserving arts and culture after working as a consultant at Bain & Company.

She is the co-founder of Dar El Oddi, a Cultural Center aiming to make Morocco’s cultural heritage accessible to everyone.


Daring Champion

I can say “hola, bonjour, اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم, bondia, and hello.” I live at the nexus of transcultural realities and social inequalities.

I can drink the most expensive French champagne and then sleep on a broken mattress. I am also a patchwork of multicultural stigmas and oxymorons: I am a woman unwilling to be wife or mother, a pagan Occidentalized Muslim, an artist graduated from Harvard Business School.

Beyond my curriculum, education, and professional achievements, I am a pragmatic idealist and inquiring mind.

Beyond my super-rational decision-making and factual arguments, I am also a meltdown of emotions – like any human being after all.

Today I choose to be just who I am – human. To dare to care. I hope you do so, too.

Unmasking Carin

Executive Director of HBS Case Research & Writing Group

As the head of the Harvard Business School Case Research & Writing Group for the past two decades she and her team have supported the development of over 2,000 pieces of couse materials focused on the challenges managers faces. Working on cases and research projects related to health care and well-being, leadership and organizational design helped her develop a commitment to and approach to improving mental health and access at work.

She likes to work with all kinds of organizations and groups, including students and employee benefits organizations, to learn from and with them to promote Mental Health by All and For All.

Carin, formerly a consultant in Europe, earned an MBA from Harvard Business School with honors and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin summa cum laude. She is Franco-German, born in Mexico and raised in Africa and Europe.

Carin-g Champion

I have lost family members and school friends to death by suicide – this outcome was exacerbated by toxic workplaces. Yet for years I wrote about managers and portrayed them as rational individuals managing rational individuals.

In doing so, I contributed to doing a disservice to the field of business education and to individuals such as the persons I have lost.

Since that realization, a decade ago, I have spent most of my free time research, thinking, and writing about how to change the way we teach and learn about the central duty of managers—and how we help equip them to operate differently and accept the trade-offs this entails.

In doing so, I challenge definitions and assumptions. When I am at my best, I am a productive contrarian and pragmatic idealist.

Unmasking Susanna


Founder of Inner Work

Expert in Workplace Mental Health, Psychological Health & Safety, Neuroscience at Work, Workplace Therapy, and Autism & Giftedness (2E) at Work.

Originally from Finland, and currently based in Switzerland, Susanna is a registered mental health professional with global business background. Susanna has worked and lived in China and India, and spent time professionally in Africa, Asia, the MENA region and North and Central America. 

Susanna is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Clinical Grief Counselor, Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist and trained in workplace mental health first aid and neuroscience. 

She worked for multiple organizations, ranging from the United Nation’s International Labor Organization, the International Finance Corporation, to 500 Fortune companies before founding Inner Work. Susanna applies her expertise and custom-made tools in helping organizations create mentally healthy workplaces. She has trained thousands of professionals ranging from factory workers to ministers and continues to train globally.

Susanna pero

The Root-Cause Champion

My very first corporate job opened my eyes to the massive discrepancy between management theories and the way most organizations are run in practice.

I witnessed too many organizations that officially promoted one thing and did another. I had my share of toxic situations and people too. This, combined with a challenging 24/7 management position in China, led me on quest to find ways to reduce the harmful impact that destructive workplaces had on myself and others.

Avid meditator, and seeker since my childhood, I believe in approaches that combine both science and soul.  I love going deep while keeping it applicable. I like digging up root causes and challenging assumptions.

I inspire and help organizations and individuals go deeper, to look beyond the obvious.  

Do You Dare to Care?