“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We drive Human Sustainability at work by providing individuals and organizations with educational programs and tailored tools to manage wellbeing at work. Our work is based on mental health science, art therapy and psychological insights.

What We Do With You

We provide you with resources and programs to build resilience, empathy, and well-being at work.

Going beyond the façade, our articles provide an authentic and evidence-based perspective on the impact of mental health at work.

We break stereotypes and stigmas, rather emphasizing the wisdom of our body and of our “inner child” in nurturing our daily wellbeing.

We share our knowledge and resources through recorded and live webinars.

Working closely with education institutions, industry experts and associations, we aim to increase our reach and support diverse business stakeholders – from leaders and employees to students.

We provide you meaningful reflections, frameworks and programs to manage your emotions and support your colleagues and employees’ well-being.

We start with the self – the hardest person to understand and manage – then go to the team before assessing the organization as a whole.

Speaking Engagements

Our speaking engagements force the audience really rethink the essentials of one of the largest and thorniest questions individuals and organisations face in today’s world: mental health and wellbeing at work.

Speakers shed light on all the pressing matters around this topic to help us better understand our own minds at work and to unlock our full potential – as individuals, employees, managers and leaders.

Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace has never been a more poignant topic than it has become in 2020.

How can Project Management Professionals foster a culture of inclusion? How can we become more aware of unconscious biases affecting our management style? How can we overcome our own biases – and help others overcome their own biases?

What is our responsibility to ourselves and others to promote a culture of unconditional respect and empathy for all of those we interact with?

Female trailblazers from Harvard Business School, FINTRAC,TREASURY BOARD OF CANADA, Benchmark Corp and SmartCane explored how the pandemic affects emerging female leaders.

This stimulating discussion is on how we embrace top female talent and help them thrive in the post-Covid workplace.

Enjoy the conversation multi-generational women as we try to position women for the next stage of the struggle for gender equality.

This episode gathers insight on managing mental health at work, an important issue that’s being prioritized across the globe.

Speakers shed light on all the pressing matters of this topic to unlock your potential and take you on a transformative journey towards becoming a true strategic partner to your business!

There is a definite disconnect between what managers and employees believe about mental health at work. Managers always think the thing that stresses employees out the most is working long hours, when in fact employees actually feel stressed out about badly designed roles at work.

What’s been interesting about COVID-19 is that it’s forcing us to really rethink the essentials like workspace design, co-worker personalities and how we express empathy without being condescending.

On the question of who should be managing and measuring culture in an organisation, we argue that everyone in the company is responsible for this.

The first annual Value Xchange brought together industry leaders to reimagine value within the employer-employee relationship.

Training & Programs

We deliver learning experiences for individuals and businesses seeking to rewrite the rules of work focusing on mental health and inclusion. We apply mental health science, philosophical, and therapeutic insights to the workplace to enable individuals and organizations to manage their wellbeing and to thrive at work.

We start with the self, the most complicated person to understand and manage, to then go to others in the broader context of a community or an organization.

The disruption of the pandemic provides an opportunity to rethink management practices and use advances in brain science and technology to offer innovative solutions to promote employees’ well-being, mental health, and productivity.

This collection offers key materials to support you in this journey.

Educating current and future leaders on pressing workplace mental health issues is no longer an option—it’s an imperative. Business educators have an opportunity to equip students with the tools and mindsets they need to run psychologically sustainable  organizations. 

Here, we’ll offer guidance on how to  overcome the challenges and barriers of surfacing and managing discussions about mental health with your students. 

The dislocation and trauma caused by the pandemic enable us to break the mental health taboo and rewrite the rules of work that center on employee emotional well-being. This module provides educators with sets of materials that start with the self and move to the level of the team and organization.


Building Bridges

We transform transactions into human connections, preserving a human touch at the heart of everything we do – from a cooking lesson, a training, or a live show. 

Our physical and virtual platforms connect people and build bonds across cultures, countries and classes.

CoCaSha enables women and minority food entrepreneurs to bring their talents to the world by mentoring, training and connecting them with individuals looking to explore the richness of ethnic food cultures. 

Dar El Oddi Cultural Center promote cultural diversity and inclusion by organizing cross-cultural community events and offering to individuals and organizations a space to learn, exchange, and explore the different of facets and visions of Tetouan.

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