Diversity Inside & Out & Across Talent Platforms

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Carin-Isabel Knoop leads the Harvard Business School’s research and case writing group and has written more than 200 case studies on organizations and managers around the world. At night she thinks about how to make their challenging lives better. This led to research and publications in the area of mental health in the workplace and an interest in human sustainability. She is a pragmatic idealist and fanatic postcard writer.

Arturo Natella is the Founder of Amaru, a recruiting firm that provides critical, culturally competent career support for BIPOC job seekers and supports enterprises’ talent management needs. Arturo’s expertise is within the intersection of workforce development and talent management. Through Amaru, Arturo works to lower job seekers’ barriers while creating and sustain diverse talent pipelines for enterprises.

[1] DBEs are for-profit small business concerns in which socially and economically disadvantaged individuals control management and daily business operations and own at least a 51% interest

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